A unique opportunity for anglers
A unique opportunity for anglers


Attractive fishing grounds

Thanks to its location, Fish Farm „Gosławice” is a very attractive destination for anglers who come from all over Poland and from abroad. Carp anglers from the Czech Republic, England and Germany gladly fish here. The magnet attracting anglers are warm canals, draining heated water from the local power plant, which do not freeze even in winter. You can go fishing all year round, catching record size carp and grass carp, handsome bream, roach and chub and predatory catfish and pike.

Large fish are not absent in lakes and the largest specimens of grass carp, weighing up to several tens of kilograms are in lake Licheń. Other lakes in the power plant cooling system available for fishing include Gosławice, Pątnów, Ślesin and Wąsosze-Mikorzyn. The Farm also features lakes with natural thermal properties: Skulsk, Skulska Wieć Czartowo, Lubotyń, Mąkolno, Brdów and Lubstów. The total area of the lakes is more than 2000 ha of water surface. Due to the systematic restocking with valuable prey species (catfish, perch, pike), the number of these attractive fish continues to grow.

Permits for fishing in the waters which belong to the Farm can be purchased at the Secretary’s office located in the premises of the Company and at the District Angling Association Management Board in Konin, Wyspiańskiego Street. In the vicinity of the lakes there is well-developed tourist holiday area, so there is no problem finding cheap accommodation in numerous holiday centers and private accommodation in Ślesin, Mikorzyn or Lichen.

Specialist carp fishery

The fishery (www.goslawice.pl) is located at the pond with an area of approximately 38 hectares and a depth of 0.7 to 3.5 m, located away from buildings, in the vicinity of the breeding ponds complex. Reservoir overgrown with reeds, from the north and east borders a beautiful forest, where there is no shortage of wild animals. It was stocked for many years with record carp and grass carp specimens from the catches from the ponds and lakes, as well as with the largest spawn fish unsuitable for artificial reproduction at the hatchery. The tank is restocked with carps weighing more than 10 kg coming from own breeding. In angling catches the predominant carp sizes are between 8 and 20 kg.

Carps of 20 or more kilograms are caught a dozen or so times a season and the record of the fishery is 27.4kg. In the fishery 20 posts were built (wooden bridges with an area of 30 m2 each), giving the possibility for two people to set up tents and spend the night. Each station is equipped with a boat. A wooden house was built At the pond which features social facilities with toilets and showers, and an umbrella roof which can be used to host a meal and other attractions.