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Fish Farm „Gosławice” operates on 500 ha of ponds and 2,000 hectares of lakes and facilities for intensive fish breeding (cages, partitions). It uses heated discharge water from the power plant, so that the fish can be fed almost throughout the year. This dramatically reduces the breeding cycle, accelerates growth and sexual maturation of fish. The farm has one of the largest fish hatcheries in Poland in which artificial breeding of many species is carried out.

In hatcheries, ponds, cages and partitions various forms of stocking material is produced, both for own needs and for sale. The farm sells live consumer fish throughout the year in bulk and retail quantities.

Fish reared in „Gosławice” are under constant supervision of an Ichthyo-Pathologist and control of the District Veterinary Inspectorate in Konin (veterinary number: PL30629201). The farm is entitled to sell to European Union countries. Fish from „Gosławice” are known and appreciated in many European countries. Since 2012, the Fish Farm „Gosławice” is a major shareholder in the Gospodarstwo Rybackie Olsztyn II in Rus. As a result, in the trout facilities, supplied with crystal clear waters of the Mazury rivers, there is already Goslawicki sturgeon. In such very good conditions they build spawn and mature sexually. Best roe constitutes perfect material for the production of caviar.

Farms in Gosławice and Rus are directed by experienced ichthyologists with years of experience in aquaculture. Both companies employ a total of seven graduates of Inland Fisheries Faculty from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, and many skilled fishermen with secondary education in fishing.

Fish reproduction

„Gosławice” fish hatchery was established in the 70s of the 20th century as the center of thermophilic fish breeding and producer of hatch for the whole country. At the peak of popularity of herbivorous fish it produced and sold tens of millions of units of hatching. This hatching is kept to this dayand every interested farmer can acquire brood after placing a prior order.

The farm offers for sale hatch of the following species of fish:

  • grass carp (May-June)
  • silver carp (May-June)
  • bighead carp (May-June)
  • catfish (May-June)

Restocking material

„Gosławice” Fish Farm produces different forms of stocking material for their own use and for sale.

From the hatch obtained at the hatchery, after rearing which lasts approximately one month ready-to-lay hatch is obtained weighing from 0.3 to 2 g/pcs.

For sale the farm offers ready-to-lay hatch of the following species:

  • grass carp (June-July)
  • silver carp (June-July)
  • bighead carp (June-July)

Consumer fish

„Gosławice” Fish Farm is a large manufacturer of consumer freshwater fish. These fish are sold in bulk and retail quantities. The farm has specialized cars intended for the transport of live fish. They are equipped with tanks of liquid oxygen, which allows for distant transportation, practically across Europe. The trucks have different load capacity (from 1000 to 16000 kg) and deliver fish to customers in Poland and in the European Union.

For individual customers a store is open in the Company headquarters where from Monday to Saturday you can buy live fish from ponds and lakes.

Over the period of spring-summer the Farm sells to commercial fisheries, fish that are attractive to anglers – healthy, strong and easy to catch on the rod.

Dominant species in cultivation are:

  • sturgeon
  • carp

Carp breeding is carried out in earthen ponds in accordance with the centuries-old tradition of rearing the fish in Poland. Sturgeon is grown both in ponds and using intensive methods, using heated water and wholesome granules. Catfish are mainly grown using intensive methods, based on the granules, at the hatcheries, in cages and partitions.

From lake catches, depending on the time of year, you can buy eel, pike-perch, pike, tench, crucian carp, silver carp, bream and roach.