Antonius Caviar - proudly manufactured in Poland
Antonius Caviar - proudly manufactured in Poland


„Gosławice” Fish Farm began breeding sturgeon in 1992. As the first attempts on the basis of the purchased material were promising, decision was made to develop breeding sturgeon both for meat and for caviar. Taking into account the potential of the Farm (own hatchery, heated water from the power plant, breeding facilities), a decision was made to create spawning stocks based on genetically clean material, healthy and from a reliable source. In 2001, the Farm purchased from Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn from the Department of Sturgeon Breeding in Pieczarki stocking material of Siberian sturgeon – Acipenser baerii and of Russian sturgeon – Acipenser guldenstaedtii, and from the United States the American Paddlefish roe was imported – Polyodon spathula.

Through the use of water with increased temperature sturgeons grow faster and reach sexual maturity far earlier than under natural conditions. As a result, the Farm since 2005 has been carrying out artificial breeding of sturgeon. After it was entered in the register of farms involved in the processing, packaging and repackaging caviar (under the number 0004) since 2008, the sale of mature female sturgeon with production-ready caviar roe.

Female sturgeons from „Gosławice” were extremely eagerly bought by European producers of caviar, as their eggs are of exceptionally good quality and the right size. In order to extend the range of its products „Gosławice” Fish Farm acquired in 2012 a majority stake in Gospodarstwo Rybackie Olsztyn II in Ruś experienced in trout breeding in the crystal clear Masuria waters and possessing a fish processing plant. Since then „Gosławice” Fish Farm hasn’t been selling female sturgeons. Antonius Caviar (

Antonius Caviar